Should You Consider Metal Roofing?

Metal roofingBefore installing a new roof, the first thing to do is to figure out what type to go for.

One of your choices is a metal roof, which you may have heard has many benefits. But is it the best option for your home?

There are a few things to know before you decide on choosing a metal roof.

This guide will help you determine whether or not metal roofing will work for you.

Budget Considerations

The biggest recommendation we can give you about your budget for your roof is to be realistic. Homeowners want to get the most out of their money, so they end up spending more than they can afford. You can already tell it is not a good idea.

Before you spend the money you do not even have, examine your finances in detail first. It will help you figure out how much you can spend vs the amount you want to pay.

If you are willing to put down a large sum of cash, a metal roof may be the best choice out there. Metal roofing is not cheap, but here is an excellent thing about it: it lasts for a long time. When exposed to ideal situations, you can have a roof that will not need a replacement for at least 50 years.

On the other hand, if you are strapped for cash, you may want to save some money before you decide on a metal roof.

Style and Design

Another thing to consider is the end product you want. Visualise how you wish your home to look like, mainly its exteriors. Do you want the roof to have a bright colour or you prefer an earth tone? What are about the finish and the texture?

The good news about metal roofing is that you do not need to limit yourself when it comes to its appearance. You can choose from dozens of combinations based on various styles and types. For instance, the panel style can be stamped metal, exposed fastener, or standing seam.

The finish can be matte or specular (mirror-like) gloss. The seam can also be customised according to your preferences, such as tee, snap-lock, mechanical, or exposed fastener lap. For painting the seam structure, you can choose a roller that is flat, striated, corrugated, or ribbed.

As you can see, metal roofing is one of the most versatile roofing options you have. If you do not know what your choices are, you can simply speak to the installer and get a detailed explanation about them.

Worker builder with hand drill at metal profile roof installation Metal roof constructionYour Existing Roof

It also helps if you know your current roof structure. Such information will allow you to figure out the style, seam, or profit that can fit the new roof. Here are some components to think about:

The slope of the roof

One thing that you have to know is that the “one-size-fits-all” concept does not apply to metal roofing, especially standing seam. In this case, if your roof has a low slope, you may want to opt for a double-locked mechanical system.

Meanwhile, if you have a steep slope or roof pitch, it is better to go for a snap-lock system. It also helps if the roofing system comes with a clip.

Make sure you check the minimum slope requirements of the manufacturer before you install the roof. If you hire professionals to do the job, you can leave the roof pitch assessment to them.

Roof area

You should also determine the total size of your roof. This way, you only purchase the right amount of materials when fitting the new roofing system.

Roof planes

Planning is essential before you install. Take note of the planes that exist on your roof, such as valleys, ridges, eaves, hips, and gables. Also take note of the dead valleys, as well as other locations where the roof may collect dirt, moisture, and other debris.

It is also necessary to know the number of penetration points, such as vent pipes and chimneys. If you have skylights, you should mention such detail to the installer as well.

Other problem areas

Before you proceed with the installation, you should know the potential problem parts of your roof. Does it have drainage issues or cause leaks in the house? Do you experience ice damming or do the entryways retain snow? If you plan to hire a professional installer, you should also provide these pieces of information.

The Environment

Metal panel building roof constructionMetal roofs perform better than most materials. They are incredibly sturdy and last for a long time – even without a lot of maintenance.

One of the reasons why metal roofing is preferred in Perth is its resistance to harsh weather conditions.

Metal roofs can withstand high UV or sun exposure, strong winds, and high moisture, whether from rain or snow.

A common misconception about metal roofs though is that they should only be used in extreme climates. The material is versatile and can, therefore, perform great even in mild environments. You can install metal roofing almost anywhere.

The only requirement is to have the correct type of panel used for the installation. The instructions for installation should be followed correctly.

To avoid any problems, you should have a professional install the roofing system for you. It would be best if you do not hesitate to ask different questions as well. In reality, you can install metal roofs everywhere you want, but you should know not everything can qualify for some warranties.

For instance, if you live in a coastal area or your home deals with salty water from time to time, you may not get a good warranty out of the installation.


Cleaning house metal roofAll roofing materials require some level of upkeep so that they can last for years. However, the frequency of doing specific tasks to take care of the roof can vary greatly.

In this case, you should think about whether or not you are willing to do regular maintenance on your roof.

With metal roofing, you do not have to worry too much about upkeep tasks. When correctly and professionally installed, you should not have any problems with the roof for several years.

You only need to remove debris, such as leaves and branches, which could easily get stuck on the roof and gutters. This problem usually happens after a storm. If the weather has been pleasant all year round, you only need to check the roof once or twice a year.

Take everything above into consideration, and you will see why metal roofing is a great choice. In addition to these benefits, a new roof:

  • Is sturdy and can last for 50 years or more, even without a lot of maintenance.
  • With a metal roof, you get the best protection for your home. It can resist hazards, including fires since most metal roofing is non-combustible.
  • Some metal roofing materials can withstand hailstorm damages. Hailstones will not cause any punctures even if they hit your roof.
  • Metal roofs are less heavy than asphalt and concrete. Therefore, they place less stress on your home’s foundation.
  • Metal roofing is a good investment and can even lower home insurance premiums.
  • It is also a sustainable and eco-friendly solution.

With all the advantages above, there is no question that you should consider installing a metal roof for your home in Perth.