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As of February 2020, we are not currently offering this service. An experienced team member has recently left Perth Roofing & Gutters, and we hope to offer this service again in the near future.

We are still offering a full array of other roofing and gutter services.

Patio Builders Perth

Curved Roof PerthPerth Roofing & Gutters is a full-service roofing company with more than 10 years of professional experience serving customers in the greater Perth area and Western Australia. Perth Roofing & Gutters is owner operated and provides comprehensive roofing services for prestige builders and private clients, including commercial, industrial, residential and maintenance roofing services.

We take pride in the affordable roofing services and quality craftsmanship that we deliver to every customer. Our extensive experience as a roofing contractor has placed us in a unique position to deliver unrivalled roofing services. We take your roofing needs seriously. That’s why we offer friendly advice and expert roofing solutions to each and every customer. Please contact us today to obtain a free quotation for your residential, commercial or industrial roofing project.

Perth Roofing & Gutters is the premier provider of residential roofing services in Western Australia. We strictly observe the highest standards in the Australian roofing industry, and we only employ the best available materials in our quest to achieve 100 percent customer satisfaction. You can count onPerth Roofing & Gutters to meet all your roofing needs. Our professional roofers possess the skills and experience necessary to resolve any residential roofing problem.

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    Our team of roofers is qualified and certified to install or repair residential roofs of every description. We’re proud of the many lasting friendships that we have developed with satisfied customers over the years. We rely on the repeat business and referrals that only satisfied customers can provide. Perth Roofing & Gutters strictly observes all health and safety requirements, including relevant licenses and insurance protection. We offer an uncompromising guarantee on all materials and craftsmanship. We go out of our way to source materials from suppliers that stock high grade steel and other materials that are guaranteed to meet the highest construction standards.

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    Residential customers and builders throughout Western Australia have come to trust our team of licensed roof installers and maintenance professionals.

    A professionally maintained residential or commercial roof is the best way to avoid unnecessary storm damage and preserve the value of your home or business. It’s true.

    A sound roof is the only way to ensure peace of mind when severe weather looms on the horizon. Even small roof repairs and improvements can vastly improve the ability of your residential, commercial or industrial roof to weather the storm. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s probably time to give Perth Roofing & Gutters a call. A Perth Roofing & Gutters professional will evaluate the condition of your roof and complete the necessary repair work or roof restoration at a surprisingly affordable price.

    • Leakage
    • Signs of Light
    • Loose Shingles
    • Foul Odour in the Attic

    Commercial and Industrial Roofing Services

    Our fully qualified team of professional roofers has completed a wide assortment of commercial and industrial roofing projects, including the following:

    • Multi Story Apartment Buildings
    • Churches
    • Manufacturing Facilities
    • Office Buildings
    • Storage Facilities and Sheds
    • Schools
    • Shopping Centres
    • Factories
    • Retail Businesses
    • Garages
    • Warehouses

    Patios Perth

    Perth Roofing & Gutters has extensive experience working with the following materials and components:

    • Metal Roofing
    • Wall Cladding
    • Downpipes
    • Box Gutters
    • Insulation
    • Ventilators
    • Kingspan Insulated Panel
    • BHP Colorbond
    • Safety Systems
    • Storm Damage

    You can rely on Perth Roofing & Gutters to promptly repair storm damage to your roof or gutters and return your life to normal. We take great pride in arriving on time and finishing the job in a timely fashion. Our certified team of professional roofers is in the habit of doing the job right the first time. Remember, Perth Roofing & Gutters always adheres to the highest Australian roofing standards. That’s why we’re in a position to guarantee customer satisfaction.

    Patio Shapes and Sizes

    Roof Designs and Shapes

    A well designed roof employs the right shape and efficient engineering to maximize performance and enhance architectural aesthetics. Roof design is an essential aspect of maintaining the integrity of a building envelope. Among other things, a proper design promotes the energy efficiency and resale value of a home or business. There’s nobody better than Perth Roofing & Gutters when it comes to designing the right roof for your home, business or industrial facility.

    Flat Roofs

    Flat roofs are horizontal, low pitched style roofs that can serve as an upstairs area for living or gardening. Creating a waterproof surface is the primary challenge when installing or maintaining a flat roof. Flat roofs are cost effective and relatively easy to install. Nevertheless, only a qualified professional roofer should attempt to install a flat roof due to the significant damage that can result from one or more leaks. Unlike a traditional pitched roof, a flat roof isn’t nearly as efficient at shedding water, snow and ice.

    A flat roof needs to be carefully pitched and sealed by a Perth Roofing & Gutters professional to avoid pooling and ensure proper drainage. Those pools of water inevitably soak through the roofing material and leak into the building interior. This often results in costly roofing repairs.Flat Patio Perth

    Flat roof variations include different pitches and functions. A skillion roof features a steeper pitch to shed moisture. Flatter roofs, however, are more suitable for gardening and other outdoor activities. Flat roofs are also useful for solar panel installations. The best materials for sealing a flat roof and resisting moisture penetration are vinyl and rubber based products. Rubber based sealants have proven to be more effective than traditional asphalt and gravel mixtures.

    Gable Roofs

    A gable roof is characterized by a pitch or peak, usually a 10/12 pitch. Gable roofs feature a triangular shape, allowing the roof to easily shed water and resist the build-up of snow. Gable roofs have a triangular shape and are ideal for spacious attics, vaulted ceilings and maximum ventilation. The gable style of roof is easier and cheaper to build than other roof designs.Patios Perth

    On the other hand, gable roofs can be vulnerable to high winds. The framework must be properly designed and constructed. Without adequate supports and bracing, the roof may collapse under the stress of severe winds. Roofing materials can also be peeled away by extreme winds. Excessive overhangs have also been known to create an updraft that can detach the roof from walls.

    Homes that feature a gable style roof should be inspected by a roofing professional following a major wind incident to prevent costly damage. Common types of gable roof designs include front gable, box gable, side gable, crossed gable and Dutch gable. A front gable roof is typically used to accent the entrance to a home or business. The crossed gable roof design is suitable for homes with separate wings.

    Curved Roofs

    Curved roofs are generally constructed of steel and lend an architecturally modern appearance to a home or business. The smooth, clean and graceful lines of a curved roof provide a stylish elegance for a patio, veranda or other protected outdoor living space. An ever increasing number of homeowners are choosing metal outdoor structures that feature minimal beams and rafters to attain an uncluttered look. Large open areas are easy to clean and provide plenty of room for family activities.Curved Patios

    Perth Roofing & Gutters can construct a protective outdoor structure with spans of more than 6 metres. The graceful curves of your new patio will add contemporary appeal to your home or retail establishment. Your new veranda or patio will be expertly merged with your home or business by our certified roofers. The curved lines of your patio roof will form an aesthetically pleasing central theme for your patio, veranda or pergola that is designed to enhance the appeal and value of your home. Adding colour and rooflines to your outdoor living area will brighten your evenings and add to your entertainment pleasure.


    A gazebo can add a truly distinctive finish to any home. Perth Roofing & Gutters will help you design an outdoor living area that adds street appeal and value to your home. Gazebos and other outdoor patio options are elegant additions that exude charm. A Perth Roofing & Gutters Gazebo melds gracefully into an existing roof line to create additional living space and a finished touch to any home.

    Your new gazebo is destined to become an integral part of your home. No one will ever guess that your gazebo was only recently installed. A gazebo is an outstanding choice for homes with a bay window or a roof design that features hexagonal shapes. Gazebos provide an outdoor living area that is beautiful as well as functional. Whether you built the home your living in or not, adding a Perth Roofing & Gutters gazebo or other patio option is like travelling back in time to redesign the original plans for your home.Gasebo Perth

    Perth Roofing & Gutters patios, verandas and pergolas add valuable living space and make life more enjoyable. Life is too short to spend all your time inside. It’s time to invite a few friends and family members over to help you enjoy your Perth Roofing & Gutters gazebo.

    Custom Hip End Patios

    A hip end patio can be used to extend an existing gable patio. Perth Roofing & Gutters’s expert craftsman will attach your custom hip end patio to the hip end of the roof line of your home. The result will be a balanced design that is pleasing to the eye. For this reason, many homeowners have a gable patio and hip end patio built at the same time. Perth Roofing & Gutters patios are gorgeous! Perth Roofing & Gutters can design a custom patio that you and your family will enjoy for decades.

    Choose a length and height for the hip patio you have in mind, and Perth Roofing & Gutters will design and build the patio of your dreams. You can choose from a wide selection of coatings and colour combinations to add to the distinctive appearance of your new patio. Perth Roofing & Gutters also has a variety of skylights and tinted panels that you can add to your design.Flat Patios Perth

    Whether you choose a single colour or bold bands of colour combinations, now is the time to increase the value of your home by investing in a hip patio. A custom built Perth Roofing & Gutters patio provides protection from the elements in addition to countless hours of outdoor enjoyment.

    Sunroof Patios

    Take control of your outdoor environment with a patio sun roof. It’s not quite like having the power to control the weather, but it’s pretty close. Just use your remote control to open or close the louvers of your electronically controlled sunroof. The louvers can be opened or closed to any position. If you want a little more breeze to freshen your patio environment, your stylish sunroof was designed to obey your every command.

    If you want a little more sunshine, a little more shade or a little more ventilation, just click your remote control to make the adjustments you desire. You won’t even have to rush inside when raindrops begin to fall. Your dinner guests will be fascinated when you pick up your hand-held remote device and close the louvers of your sunroof to shed every drop of rain. The interlocking louvers on your sunroof create a weatherproof seal when completely closed. Besides, your sunroof is equipped with an inbuilt rain sensor to protect your patio furniture and unfinished jigsaw puzzle from the rain when you’re not around.

    Temperamental storm clouds will never spoil your fun again if your sunroof patio has its way. You won’t even have to get out of your chair or interrupt a conversation to control your sunroof. Adjusting the weather is as simple as pressing a button. The rotating louvers of your sunroof can be adjusted to any angle. Your new sunroof can even be aligned to face north, south, east or west during the installation phase of your patio project. This will allow you to optimize the available light or control ventilation in accordance with your location and surroundings.


    Enhance your lifestyle and improve the appearance of your home by installing a stylish pergola. Perth Roofing & Gutters installs pergolas for an affordable price and guarantees all materials and craftsmanship. A pergola provides an open-air setting where you can grow delicate and exotic plants that struggle under normal climactic conditions. Whether it’s too hot, too cold or too dry, many plants require a more hospitable environment in which to thrive.

    Your new pergola will allow you to provide the tender loving care that your favourite plants deserve. A Perth Roofing & Gutters pergola allows you to grow shade loving ferns and sweetly scented violets to your heart’s content. Adding shade cloth or a Shade Blade system to your pergola will dramatically increase the versatility of your pergola. Hot or stormy weather will never bother you or your plants again.

    Imagine how much gardening you can do in a pergola that spans 8 glorious metres. Perth Roofing & Gutters pergolas offer a wide assortment of design options, and every pergola is constructed of strong and durable materials. Profiled beam ends can add a finishing touch to your pergola. You also might want to enclose your pergola with neatly fitted shade cloth to shade and cool your outdoor garden. If you love gardening, and you want to grow plants that no one else in your neighbourhood would even think about growing, give Perth Roofing & Gutters a call to request a free quote on a pergola.

    Cooldeck Roofing

    If you’ve been dreaming of getting an insulated roof for your protected outdoor living area, Perth Roofing & Gutters can help. Stratco’s 3-in-one Cooldek roofing is ideal for patios, verandas and carports. A polystyrene core is sandwiched between two layers of steel panel to create a superior outdoor insulating product.

    The top side of this attractive insulated roof is profiled and features a two colour combination. The ceiling side is available in white and a range of other glossy colours. An outdoor insulated roof is amazingly effective. Even if your veranda or patio doesn’t have walls, an insulated roof will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. An insulated roof also reduces energy costs and diminishes the sound of falling rain.

    Cooldek roofing is attractive and versatile, fitting seamlessly into any outdoor environment. It can even be used as wall cladding in commercial facilities to save energy and reduce noise. Cooldek roofing is available in two different profiles, Cooldek Classic and Cooldek CGI. Both profiles are available in three insulation thicknesses, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm. Cooldeck insulated roofing comes in a variety of high gloss colours for both the top and bottom layers.

    Perth Roofing & Gutters Services

    Perth Roofing & Gutters is a premier roofing services contractor serving the greater Perth area and Western Australia. Customer satisfaction is absolutely guaranteed. Call Perth Roofing & Gutters today to receive a free project consultation and quotation. We’re in the roofing business.