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Although sometimes overlooked, roof flashing is a crucial part of a roofing system.We install roof flashing about the areas of a roof’s surface where something, such as at a chimney or skylight, interconnects with the roof. Properly sealing these sections is vital as these spaces are often prone to significant leaks. These areas expand and contract based on humidity and temperature. Because of this expansion and contraction flashing should tolerate for some movement while also making a tight seal preventing any moisture from entering the roof or the home. The most common areas that require flashing are the area around the vents, skylights, dormers, and chimneys. Flashing comes in a number of materials such as aluminum, copper, stainless steel, and plastic. The most resilient flashing material is metal, with copper being the most popular of the metals because of its ability to adapt to changing weather conditions. We advise our customers to avoid plastic flashing; although it is the least expensive kind of roof flashing, it is not durable and cracks easily after just a few years of exposure to the sun and the elements.

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    Roof Ventilation- Roof ventilation is a necessity in Perth and the surrounding area. When the heat in a building cannot escape, it can cause significant damage to electrical wiring by making it dry out and crack. Electrical wiring breaking and becoming exposed creates a potentially dangerous situation. Trapped moisture can cause a buildup of molds and mildew both of which can cause health problems as well as permanent property damage. Additionally, moisture can crack plaster and ruin paint in your home or business.

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