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People often underestimate the importance of correctly installed and maintained gutters. The simple truth is that the structural integrity of your home or business depends on your gutters working properly. Rainwater is an element that can, over time, destroy the foundation of a structure. Having a system in place to manage rainwater will save you untold numbers of headaches and expenses in the long run. Failure to understand the benefits of gutters and downspouts often leads to mistakes in installation and maintenance. Here are a few benefits of quality gutter systems for your home or business.

• Prevention of flooding- Whether your structure has a basement or an above ground lower level, it is more susceptible to flooding if rainwater collects on the foundation, then seeps into the walls producing a damp feeling. The dampness leads to mold and mildew growth and the potential of permanent damage to the property

• Prevention of foundation problems- Although no water may be entering the walls of the structure, water will over time cause cracks in your structure’s foundation. The cracks can also lead to water entering your home.

• Stabilize the soil around the foundation of your structure- The topsoil should be higher at the foundation of the building and slope away gradually. Good gutters will keep water from washing the dirt away.

• Preserve doorways and windows from water damage- Rainwater often enters through tiny, unnoticed cracks around windows and doors. Over time, this leads to rotting wood as well as extensive and costly repairs.

• Prevent water staining- When water drips and splashes into the soil that surrounds a building, the splash will deposit dirt that stains over time.

• Avoid settling and cracking of sidewalks, patios, and driveways- Rainwater that gathers near a sidewalk, patio, or driveway can create cracking, and uneven settling in much the same way rain will break a building’s foundation.

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DIY Gutter Check

If you are experiencing any of the issues mentioned above with your gutters, take it as a signal that your gutters may not be working up to par. Here are more signs that your gutters need attention.

• Sagging gutters- For gutters to work well, a correct pitch is essential. Sagging gutter will disrupt the pitch causing water to pool in lower areas. The excess weight of the pooling water can loosen or pull your gutters away from the roof. The pooling water may also spill over creating problems with erosion or water seeping into the foundation of the building.

• Finding nails or screws on the ground- If the nails or screws that secure the gutter to the front of your structure become loose and fall out, your gutters likely need repairing or replacing.

• Broken fasteners- The fasteners are the pieces of metal that connect your channel to your roof and also keep the gutters level. If these are cracking, repair or replacing gutters is necessary.

• Separating gutters- For guttering systems to operate, they connect in an uninterrupted channel. Gutter sections frequently separating from each other are a sign that repair work or replacement is in order.

• Gutters that pull away from your roof- If you often notice spaces between your roofline and your gutters, you likely need gutters replaced. Replacement of the gutters decreases the chance that the fascia boards may be rotting.

Of course, if you are not sure if your gutters are in good working order, give us a call, and Perth Roofing and Gutters will gladly send a professional team to give your roof and gutters a free no obligation fitness check.

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