Roof Restoration

As of February 2020, we are not currently offering this service. An experienced team member has recently left Perth Roofing & Gutters, and we hope to offer this service again in the near future.

We are still offering a full array of other roofing and gutter services.

Roof Restoration

Metal Roofing PerthThere are times when a roof is not in need of reroofing, yet it still needs some professional help to keep it in the best condition possible. A simple comparison between reroofing and roof restoration would be similar to the difference between laying down new sod or weeding, feeding and watering your lawn. Sometimes the existing roof is simply in need of some advanced care. This is the time when a roof restoration is a good option for home and business owners.

There are some advantages to opting for a roof restoration.

  • Roof Restoration increases the life of your existing roof.
  • The coating that we apply to your roof will prevent deterioration and also impede the growth of molds, algae, and lichens.
  • Materials used in roof restoration give your roof extra weather protection.
  • Improves the appearance of your home or business.
  • Increases the value of your property.

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    Four Benefits of a Roof Restoration:

    • Be sure of the condition of your roof. Because a roof restoration includes an inspection of your whole roof, you will learn about any potential glitches or small issues before they create a big problem for you.
    • Avoid leaks and extensive damage- Customers are usually surprised when they consider how much abuse the roof of a home takes over its life. One small leak or crack can have a domino effect that can impact the entire structure.
    • Remove asbestos- If a restoration inspection reveals asbestos, your roofer will arrange its safe removal and correct disposal. Generally, homes built before 1984 tend to contain asbestos.
    • Add years to the lifetime of your roof. New materials and the superior sealants used in restoration will not only make the roof look great, but they will increase the life expectancy of your roof.

    DIY Visual inspection

    Perth Roofing GuttersA good way to find out if your roof needs restoration is to start with a visual inspection. While various roofing materials deteriorate differently, here are several easy to spot signs that indicate a restoration is in order.

    • Asphalt Shingles- These are by far the most common material used in residential roofing, with good reason. Asphalt shingles are durable and affordable, typically lasting 20-25 years. Aside from the typical roof problems caused by wear and tear, asphalt shingled roofs are highly susceptible to algae growth. Western Australia’s hot and humid climate encourages the growth of algae. Consider a roof restoration for a roof with asphalt shingles if you see cracks, missing shingles, algae growth, or if your roof is more than 20 years old.
    • Wood Shakes and Shingles- This type of roofing material gives a structure a beautiful one of a kind appearance. It also wears down quickly, and the diverse nature of Western Australian weather tends to speed the deterioration process. These roofs can start losing their natural defense against the weather in as little as five years. Fading, warping and missing shingles are all signs that you should consider a roof restoration. However, a wood shake or shingled roof that is over 20 years old is a good candidate for restoration based on age alone.
    • Concrete Tiles- Problems with concrete tiles are usually quite apparent. Look for signs of weathering, fading, cracks and missing tiles; the presence of any or all of these suggests that a restoration may be in order.Roof Worker
    • Terracotta Tiles- Because terracotta tiles originate from clay, their classification is that of moist material. So by their very nature, terracotta roofs are susceptible to lichen and moss growing on the tiles. This growth can prevent rainwater drainage and cause damage to your roof tiles as well as the supports of your roof. Another fact about terracotta tiles is that the clay will eventually dry and become brittle with age; this makes the tiles prone to cracking. Any growths on your roof or cracked and damaged tiles are reasons to consider restoration of your roof.
    • Metal Roofs- Temperature fluctuations can cause the expanding and contracting of metal roofs. Over time this can lead to small cracks which allow water to permeate the roof’s coating and cause rust. A metal roof that shows signs of rust, fading or cracking is a good candidate for a roof restoration.

    Some general kinds of problems to look for on all types of roofs include tears in the roof cover, gaps in flashing, puddles of standing water, bubbles, lifting, wet insulation, and cracking seams.

    Our Roofing Services

    Roofing SchoolOnce you have reason to believe that your roof would benefit from a professional restoration, do not delay in calling us. What appears to be a small problem today will only worsen over time leading to more extensive and costlier fixes.

    The roof restoration process is straightforward. However, the multi-step method can be more time consuming than a reroofing. Here is an overview of a conventional roof restoration from start to finish.

    • We begin by replacing any ridge caps or tiles that are cracked, broken or missingColor Bond Roofing Perth
    • The flashings are checked and double secured
    • Identify and repair the sources of known leaks are identified and repaired
    • A high-pressure cleaning removes dirt and grime; this also removes moss and lichen
    • Repoint the ridge capping using a malleable pointing compound and if necessary ridge capping is rebedded
    • We seal your roof with a primer/sealer
    • Your roof receives two coats of a roofing membrane
    • We clean the gutters and downspouts and also check for leaks

    All of the roof restoration we do at Perth Roofing & Gutters comes with a full 15-year warranty, so you can be confident in the restoration service we provide.

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