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Gutter MaintenanceOnce you have found a problem with your gutters, you face choosing to fix the gutters or to replace the gutters. The decision is not always simple, but as we have stated ignoring a problem gutter is inviting future more expensive issues. Our professionals at Perth Roofing & Gutters will inspect your gutters at no cost and then explain your repair options. If a gutter system is not repairable, we will tell you this up front and not waste your time and money on repairs that will not last. Here are some instances where a gutter repair is a viable option.

  • Patching small holes – Occasionally gutters will develop small holes from rust. Sometimes we find that a homeowner will puncture holes in the gutter with the hope of draining away standing water. Regardless of how the holes developed, they need repairing.
  • Alleviate sagging gutters – When the supports that attach gutters to a building become lose a gutter will sag. As a result of the sagging, water will collect in the lower area. Ignore this situation, and the gutter may separate from the structure and collapse. This type of occurrence is an example of how a minor issue can quickly become a significant and expensive problem.
  • Fixing leaks – Gutters with seams will often develop leaks, and even seamless gutters can develop leaks. While this is not a difficult repair, it is always a good idea to take care of a leak in the early stages to prevent replacement.
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    Happy ClientAt Perth Roofing & Gutters, your satisfaction is our priority; this is why we will not offer sloppy repairs that will only be a short term solution to your gutter problems. If we agree to repair your gutters, it is because we believe our work will stand the test of time and all of our work is guaranteed with our five- year warranty.

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