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At Perth Roofing & Gutters, we work with top tier suppliers to get you the best products at fair prices. No cut-rate products purchased from the back of a truck for us. We have invested years finding the most reputable suppliers because your satisfaction is the number one priority. Here is a list of our sources for gutters and roofing projects.

  • Metal Sheeting PerthCombined Metal Industries (CMI) – Their decades of experience made CMI a leader in the roofing materials industry. Because they are a sizeable producer, CMI is where we turn for products needed on large scale industrial jobs. Despite CMI’s size, industry leaders recognize them for their quality control and meticulous attention to details.
  • Revolution Roofing – The expert designers at Revolution Roofing provide outstanding quality and distinctive design in their steel roofing materials. Revolution Roofing products are ideally suited for our customers who want to make bold or striking statements with their roofs and gutters. Revolution Roofing proudly uses 100% Australian Colorbond steel in their products. Cutting edge technology helps to create the eye-catching designs.
  • Fielders – Fielders has developed and produced metal roofing materials of the highest quality for more than 100 years. They also have refined the fixed roofing profiles KingKlip® and HiKlip®, adding to the durability of your roof. A Mobile Roofing Mill allows Fielders to roll roofing materials right on the job site. We rely on Fielders for gutters, fascia, and downspouts; created to withstand the weather in Western Australia.Roof Restorations
  • CSR Bradford -Insulation is a vital part of a good roofing job, and we depend on CSR Bradford for our insulation needs. They have more than 80 years of experience in the insulation business and consistently seek ways to improve their already outstanding products. CSR Bradford makes insulation that will lower your energy costs. They also produce specialized insulation for those located in areas prone to brush fires. This insulation has ratings of BAL 12.5, BAL 19, BAL 29, and BAL 40 on the bushfire attack levels scale.

We advise our customers to use Colorbond® materials whenever possible. Colorbond® steel is one of the top materials accessible for roofing, gutters, and other structures today. The corporation has over 50 years’ experience in the field of metal roofing and gutters; they specialize in producing attractive steel specially intended for use in Australia’s extreme weather. There are 22 Colorbond® shades, and five of these are solar reflective. The reflective roofing material helps keep your building cool as it bounces the rays of the sun away from your roof. In addition to its durability and stylish looks, Colorbond® is easy to maintain, energy efficient gives protection from brush fires, and it comes with a warranty.Solar Pannels Perth

At Perth Roofing & Gutters, we are here for your complete roof and gutter related needs. We are more than only roofs and gutters; these are some related services and product we offer.

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