5 Best Gutter Replacement Practices

Gutters are typically prized for adding a decorative element to any home. However, many need to realise they are an important part. Their primary purpose is to prevent mould and mildew whilst protecting your home against water damage. When well taken care of, gutters can direct rainwater away from the foundation and siding, ensuring the entire house is kept in place.

DIY gutter replacements are never recommended simply because of how complex it can be.

Despite the usefulness of gutters, several Perth homeowners do not give them much thought – until they require replacement. It’s essential to inspect your gutters every once in a while. Look for signs that show it’s time to replace the old gutters, such as:

  • Cracks and holes result in leaks that can become severe over time
  • Pools of water by the home’s base, especially after a storm or rainy day
  • Rotting, peeling, or discolouration around the gutter area
  • Sagging roof edge

Whether you have broken gutters or there are missing pieces, you must have them replaced as quickly as possible. But how do you go about this task, especially if it is your first time handling gutter replacement on your own? Here are five of the best practices to abide by:


1. Select the Right Pros for the Job

Before hiring a gutter repair or replacement business, make sure you do your due diligence. Look for these three characteristics:

  • The company should be local. There’s no point in hiring a team that lives far away from you, especially from another state. If you’re in Perth, work with people from the area, such as Perth Roofing & Gutters, who understand many aspects of the project. As experts in residential roofs and gutters, we are well-versed in building requirements in the area. Therefore, you can count on your gutter replacement that it will be safe and compliant. With years of servicing homes and commercial properties in Perth, we know all about the local weather conditions and roof types, among others.
  • Warranties are additional yet necessary costs. If something goes wrong down the road, you can have your gutters checked and even replaced if they are still covered by the warranty.
  • A good reputation is a must, but how do you know about it? That’s where customer service comes in. Excellent support always breeds more customers who are happy with the results of the service. If there is ever an issue with the downspouts after installation, you can count on the company to fix it immediately.

Many companies provide free quotes, so you can determine how much you should budget for the gutter repair or replacement.


2. Get New Flashing Installed

Homeowners may not be aware that they should get their flashing replaced. That’s why they don’t bother with having flashings installed. You may require a new one if the roofline does not go beyond the gutter’s edge. If your roof has a low slope, you will find flashings incredibly useful. They assist in keeping water flowing back behind the gutters whilst safeguarding the other parts of your roofing system.

New flashing is often critical in maintaining your new gutter. Without proper flashing, water will seep behind the siding, which can quickly lead to mould and rot that can damage the structure of your home. Therefore, if you plan on replacing your whole gutter system, make sure that you add flashings to your budget. They should be installed correctly and securely to avoid any issues. Once again, you need the help of an experienced roofing team to take care of the project.

New flashing is often critical in maintaining your new gutter.


3. Pick the Best Materials

When replacing gutters, homeowners demand long-lasting results. You do not want to keep calling the roofer to have your gutters repaired a few months after the installation. That’s why it’s crucial to use suitable materials, which should be durable and resist the elements. Some of the most commonly used materials for gutters are the following:

  • Aluminium: This metal is one of the most cost-effective and versatile options. And due to its lightness, installation is smooth and easy. There are also many customisation selections available, along with a lifespan of 20 years with proper maintenance. It’s a great choice for those in Perth since downpours are not that common except in the winter. Aluminium for your gutters offers excellent weatherproofing qualities and is quite affordable, as well.
  • Galvanised Steel: Long-lasting, resistant to damage, and durable, galvanised steel is a high-end type of metal that’s great as a gutter material. It can withstand bad weather conditions, with some owners attesting that their galvanised steel gutters are dent-free even after a few decades.
  • Stainless Steel: This material offers the same benefits as galvanised steel. However, there’s one thing that makes it stand out, and it’s the ability to resist corrosion.
  • Copper: For an air of sophistication, choose copper. Granted, you will have to pay more upfront compared to other materials mentioned in this list, but the results are indeed aesthetically pleasing. That’s not all; copper for your gutters is durable and impervious to extreme weather conditions. With proper maintenance, you’re guaranteed a long lifespan, making it a good investment.

Other options include zinc, wood, and vinyl. If you need help deciding which material to go for, talk to our experts at Perth Roofing & Gutters for guidance.


4. Clean the Gutters

Maintenance is a must for gutter replacement. The last thing you want is to have it replaced once every few years, which is why cleaning is a critical step in ensuring the gutter retains its good condition. Yearly gutter cleaning is generally helpful, but in some cases, you may have to do it more often.

Here are a few tips for maintaining your new gutter system:

  • Clean after a heavy rainstorm, but we recommend checking the weather before going up the roof. Make sure there is no threat of further rainfall so all debris is washed away and it’s safe to climb onto the roof.
  • Cleaning gutters from the ground is possible and the safest method by far. You can use a garden hose or a vacuum with some handy attachments. Unfortunately, you cannot see what you’re doing, so the task may take a while to complete.
  • You can also clean while on a ladder, but remember to pick the right one for the job. We recommend a sturdy extension ladder with stabiliser arms. Stay away from step ladders, which are unreliable and can tip over.

You can always hire a pro to clean the gutters for you. Head here for more information.

Maintenance is a must for gutter replacement.


5. Look Closely at the Gutter Installation Warranty

We’ve already touched on this subject above, but it is worth mentioning again. It always helps to inspect the warranty offered by the gutter installer. A good warranty should at least be eight to 10 years long with coverage on defects in materials and workmanship. It should also cover broken components, especially if the gutters are not exposed to extremely harsh conditions.

Do you need your gutter replaced, or does it just require some fixing? Let us help. Contact Perth Roofing & Gutters to have a professional over to inspect your gutter system and give you a quote.