Everything You Need to Know About Gutter Cleaning

All homeowners know that cleaning the gutters is essential. However, not many people do it. It’s not only backbreaking but also dangerous. You will have to climb up and down a ladder, often more than a few times. Gutters, though, only require cleaning once to twice a year. It does not seem much, but it has become one of the most neglected tasks, especially in Australia.

But, what people do not know is avoiding gutter cleaning can result in severe consequences, including:


1. Structural Damage

Who would have thought that just by leaving the roof gutters dirty can lead to your home falling apart? Worse, it can happen faster than you think. The leaves and other debris can accumulate. Water cannot pass through correctly, instead of running through the downpipes.

It may remain unnoticeable but not for long. In just a few months, the trapped water will continue to look for an escape route until it goes into the walls and roof. It will eventually result in cracks and fissures that are often overlooked. From hairline cracks, they will soon expand as more water fills up the barriers. Your home’s foundations are the next to suffer.


2. Roof Damage

As mentioned, trapped water will seep through the roof if you have clogged gutters. It gets worse if it rains heavily. Just like with the walls in your house, water will create hairline cracks that will gradually expand as time passes.


A water damaged roof
Excess material in your gutters can lead to a water damaged roof.


Luckily for those in Perth, the climate is not sub-zero, so there is less risk of this happening. However, if water cannot flow freely down the pipes, it can freeze during the winter. It will stay wherever it is, including inside the fissures. You can already guess how dangerous it is because it can rapidly expand. The damage can strike quicker than normal.


3. No Insurance

As a responsible homeowner, you want everything to be covered in case your property faces inadvertent damage. Therefore, you take out the insurance you believe you need so that you can pay for certain costs.

However, if you read the fine print of your insurance policy, you will find that it does not cover any damage due to neglect. Not cleaning the roof gutters is neglecting your responsibility as a homeowner. When it is time to claim your insurance, you will be surprised that your request will be declined. Prevent all the unnecessary expenses by taking the time and effort to clean the roof gutters.


4. Mould and Allergies

When water enters your home, mould and mildew can erupt. These irritants can work their way into the basement and every other part of the house with high humidity and no light. When they reach these places, they will quickly spread and potentially infest a considerable portion of your home.

It will not take long for the fungi to establish a colony. Once it happens, it can become extremely difficult to get rid of them. It is also expensive, because you may have to replace the entire sections. For example, if they stayed in the carpets, you will have to remove them and buy new ones.

Let us also not forget that having mould and mildew in your home can lead to serious health issues. If anyone in the household has asthma, constant attacks can happen. Even if you do not have asthma, you can still develop symptoms, such as coughing, wheezing, and throat problems.


5. Critters

Aside from mould and mildew, you could have unwanted visitors staying inside the roof. Birds, rats, insects, and possums all love clogged gutters. They go to the gutters to search for food, which can lead to gutter damage. They may find their way into your home. If it happens, you can have animals living in your attic and even between the walls. You know they are there with all the scratching noises you hear, especially at night. They often come with an awful smell, too.

You can also end up with really bad gutters that need replacing. You can read this blog post to know the signs and symptoms of a gutter that should be replaced.


How to Clean Your Roof Gutters

Surely, you do not want any of the problems mentioned above. The best and only solution is to make sure that your roof gutters are clean. You can choose to clean it on your own, which will save you money but you can also hire a professional.

Calling a reputable company is essential. You do not want to pay for mediocre services that will only lead to even more problems. It should be done correctly and efficiently with the right tools and equipment. Professionals have the experience and knowledge on how to clean the roof gutters.

However, if you plan to do the task by yourself, here are some cleaning tips:

  • Use leaf blowers for removing the leaves that are stuck in the gutter. The problem with a leaf blower is that it will only blow the leaves away, not the other types of dirt and debris.
  • If you have a large amount of debris on a large property, you can use a small skip bin from Backyard Bins to remove the excess rubbish.
  • For the gunk build-up, you can use a vacuum gutter cleaner. It’s an outdoor vacuum that works similar to a leaf blower. The difference is that the airflow is reversed. You can also use a leaf blower that has a bag attachment.
  • A pressure washer may also be the equipment that works for you. However, always be careful when working with this type of washer. It tends to have high pressure that can be dangerous when you are on the roof. It’s not recommended if you have not used one before. Pick something that does not use high-speed or high-powered sprays. If the equipment has a monitor, it will let you control the flow of water, which is effective in unclogging downspouts.


A pressure washer can help clean gutters
A pressure washer can help clean gutters.


Cleaning the gutters is not an easy task. You can leave it to the professionals to take care of your roof. The price is indeed worth the benefits. After all, it is even more expensive to deal with all the damage caused by clogged gutters. You may want to get a quote first, so you know how much it will cost you.

How much is it? The final cost will depend on a variety of factors, including the size of your roof. If it is large, it means that gutter cleaning can take a while, which means a higher labour cost. The price may also be based on the duration of the cleaning service.

A house with multiple storeys can also be more expensive than a smaller, single level home. The reason is that cleaning may require additional equipment.

Of course, the state of the gutters will also play a role in the estimate. It is costlier if there are existing gutter problems, especially those that should be addressed immediately. If you have it cleaned regularly, you will only have to pay the standard price. That is because it is mostly well cared for with minimal to no damage.

Another factor that affects the price of the gutter cleaning service in Perth is the location of your house. Are there tall trees near your home that can make the job tougher? These obstacles, as well as gutter screens that you may already have installed, can also add to the estimate.


Need Help?

Even with the conditions mentioned above, a reputable company should not charge too much. Determine your budget and make sure to read reviews from past and existing customers.

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