Four Traits Your Roofer Should Display

Building contractor putting the asphalt roofing on a large commercial apartment buildingMany of us have experienced this scenario; you mention that you need your roof repaired or replaced and suddenly you are besieged with names and contact information of people who do work on roofs. You hear the person in question gives great prices and that even though they are not a licensed roofer, this person and his associates will take good care of your problem. At this point, you may want to nod politely and forget all about the offers. While your neighbor’s brother may be an excellent person, that does not guarantee that he is a skilled professional.

If you have not experienced the angst first hand, then you likely know someone who has faced the utter frustration that comes with hiring inexperienced or unlicensed workers to repair or refurbish a part of their home or business. While this is maddening in any part of your structure, having non-professional workers attempting to fix or replace your roof is dangerous. You should think about whether saving some money is worth risking damage to your roof or your belongings by permitting inexperienced and unlicensed workers on your roof.

There are several easy ways to tell if you are dealing with a professional roofing company. Make a mental note of these just for your future reference.

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Yellow green coastal homeThere is no mistaking the confidence that comes from a company representative arriving at your home looking professional. It only takes a minute to check and see if he is wearing a company logo and driving a company vehicle. It is a good idea to pay attention when you meet the company’s representative. Is he or she dressed neatly and wearing company identification? If not, it could be a tip-off that there may not be an actual company. Likewise, does he communicate well and offer to show you a portfolio? A fly-by-night organization will not have lists of satisfied customers who are willing to speak on their behalf.


A legitimate roofing professional has their company’s proof of insurance and licensure readily available for customer inspection. If you are in the process of interviewing contractors and a representative of a particular company cannot show you proof of these, you may want to look elsewhere.


Be wary of any roofer who will not issue a business agreement, wants only cash payments, or tells you that required building permits are unnecessary. Quality professionals are happy to do things by the book because they know following established regulations protects them as well as their customers.


A good roofer does not have to push customers to get their business. If the contractor you are dealing with is using heavy handed sales techniques or trying to instill a sense of fear, you are better off hiring someone else.
Be sure the company representatives you deal with show these four traits. It will greatly increase your confidence in them and lead to great roofing results.

Be sure the company representatives you deal with display these four traits. It will significantly increase your confidence in them and lead to excellent roofing results.