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Roof Tiles- We have noticed that roof tiles are more popular than ever with our customers. It is easy to see why; roof tiles are beautiful and add an element of style to a building that other materials cannot match. At Perth Roofing and Gutters, we install all types of roof tiles to all kinds of structures. Here are three popular types of roof tiles often seen in Western Australia. We use only tiles made in Australia.

• Terracotta roof tiles- These tiles are beautiful and functional. Terracotta is far from new; in fact, it has existed for many centuries. These roof tiles are energy efficient and hold in cold air while keeping the sun’s heat at bay. They are durable and hold their color well.

• Concrete roof tiles- Roof tiles made of concrete are the most durable kind of roofing tile. They become stronger over time because exposure to the sun continually bakes the tiles.Because the tiles strengthen as time passes, the tiles easily endure the harshest weather Australia can dish out. The concrete tiles are available in a variety of beautiful colors

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    • Composite roof tiles- These tiles are a revolutionary blend of materials created for the aerospace and automotive industries. They are much lighter than terracotta or concrete tiles and come in a range of colors. The composite tiles do not rust, dent, or crack; they pass thorough tests in the harshest Australian weather conditions.

    All tiles are installed by our expert tradesmen and are guaranteed to last.

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