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There are several factors which will affect the price of a roof restoration, repair, or replacement.

• Size- It almost goes without saying that the size of your roof will play a part in determining the price. The same holds true if you are repairing an area that sustained some type of damage.

• Condition – If your existing roof is in poor or very poor condition, there will be added expenses for replacing areas afflicted with mold, rotted beams, or other sorts of damage. In the case of roof repairs, the type of damage will influence the cost of fixing your roof. A small section of roof that sustained severe storm damage would actually cost less than a roof with widespread yet less extreme damage.

• Slope- The steepness or slope of your roof is also a factor which helps determine the cost of roof work. A very steep roof adds to the cost of roofing because it increases the danger to the roofers. For this sort of roof, we use extra safety measures. We are happy to give a detailed explanation regarding the safety of your roof upon request.

• The contractor- There is a lot of wisdom to the old saying, you get what you pay for, and we strive to be as cost effective as possible. However, we recommend caution when you receive prices from contractors offering unusually low prices for their work; this is a potential red flag, and you may want to examine the business before agreeing to any work.

• The Materials- The cost of materials used for your roofing project varies based on the type of products used and the manufacturer of the goods. At Perth Roofing and Gutters, we promise to use fair priced high-quality materials. To that end, we have spent years sourcing the top manufacturers, and we work with a select group of producers who meet our stringent standards.

Fielders For over 100 years Fielders has designed and created metal roofing materials of the highest quality. They also have perfected the innovative fixed roofing profiles KingKlip® and HiKlip®, which add to the durability of your roof. They also can roll roofing materials at the job site using their Mobile Roofing Mill. Fielders supply us with gutters, fascia, and downspouts all designed and tailored to the specific needs of Perth and the surrounding area.

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Revolution Roofing At Revolution Roofing they offer exceptional quality and unique design steel roofing materials. Their products are ideally suited for those wanting to make bold or dramatic statements with their roofs and roof related products. They proudly use 100% Australian Colorbond steel and create their striking designs using cutting edge technology.

Combined Metal Industries- Also known as CMI, they are an industry leader in the manufacturing of a complete range of roofing materials. CMI is a sizeable manufacturer and thus is our go to company for large industrial projects. At the same time, their attention to detail makes them a top notch choice for our residential jobs as well.

CSR Bradford For insulation products our number one choice is CSR Bradford. They have over 80 years of experience manufacturing superior insulation materials and consistently create cutting edge products to improve the comfort of your home or business. Their line of insulation includes types designed with your unique needs in mind. CSR’s energy saving products exceed our customers’ expectations whether it is noise reduction for a metal roof, protection from moisture and condensation or insulation designed to protect from bushfire attack levels rated BAL 12.5, BAL 19, BAL 29, and BAL 40.

Because all of our customers have different needs, we offer many services to meet those needs.

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